P1                                   Colored Mica Flakes

Available in various standard colors and sizes as well as custom designed from Yamaguchi Mica Co Japan, the largest manufacturers of colored mica flakes in world.

Created from the  finest quality mica flakes. The coloring is done by high heat resistant pigments which also prevents any possible bleeding of color during application. It is widely used in Plastics, Paints, Fiber glass and Ceramics industries to create distinctive designs like granite and marble

Currently we ship Colored Mica only in North America. However we can always study your requirements on a case by case basis.

Amazing Possibilities

Plastics, Cosmetics

Paints, Coatings

Concrete, Epoxy

Fiber Glass, Ceramics & many more !!!


Manufacturer's Representative for Yamaguchi Mica Co . Japan in North America


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Possible  products 

  • Table Tops

  • Kitchen tops

  • Bath room accessories

  • Garden Furniture

  • Art & crafts

  • Decorative paints, coatings

  • Decorative plastic articles

  • Flooring, Wall finishes etc

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