Microgran is a free flowing pigment preparation based on a special carrier with a melting point of approx 90 deg C. The average size is 0.5 mm. These formulations guarantee an equal distribution of color and a homogeneous result in the end product. 

  • Used for manufacturing color   masterbatches / compounds.
  • Predispersed pigments in the form of Micropellets ( 0.5 mm ).
  • Cleaner working place, non-polluting and dust free environment thereby saving on cleaning down time.  
  • Allows rapid color changes without wasting material.
  • Far Superior dispersion as compared to powder pigments.
  • Can be supplied an any color .
  • Compatible with most of the polymers.

We can supply Microgran anywhere in the world.





Stock Color / Surplus colors : We ship stock colors from well known Masterbatch manufacturers in North America. The qty and price depends on various factors.



Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride White Pellets 94% purity.

  • Sieve Analysis: 1-6 mm

Calcium Chloride  White Granular 94% purity (Irregular shape)

  • Sieve Analysis: 1-10 mm

Calcium Chloride 74% min. Flakes

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